Semi-automatic Strapping Machine

Side Seal-Table Height Adjusted by Handling Bar

Power 1 Phase, 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Strap Width 9, 12, 15 mm (adjustable) (6mm option)
Strapping Tension 15 ~ 50 kgs
Strappping Speed 2.0 sec./strap
Strapping Size Min. : 60 mm, Max. : Any size
Table Height 502~852 mm
Machine Size L1230 x W680 x H1662 mm

  • Suitable for strapping aquatic products or products with more dust
  • Easy operation & Easy maintenance
  • 60 sec. auto-stop: electricity-saving
  • Advanced P.C.B control system
  • Table height adjustable
  • Super-tight strapping tension
  • Made in Taiwan: Quality assurance
  • Table height adjustable with crank handle

  • Stainless steel structure SUS #304 
  • Caster with brake


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